I Looked at Images That Are Maybe Illegal but Never Abused a Child. Can I Be Virtuous?

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  • I looked at images that are maybe illegal but never abused a child. Can I be virtuous?

Short answer: Yes, we think you can.

We at Virtuous Pedophiles say that being virtuous doesn’t mean we think we’re better than the average person, just that we’re not worse.

To be a virtuous pedophile, you have to understand that adult-child sex is wrong and be committed to never sexually offending against children or exploiting them. If you are, you’re a virtuous pedophile, according to us. We discourage illegal behavior, and we do not condone watching illegal material.

We realize that people like us are more likely to have considered viewing such material and been tempted to find it. If they do, some pedophiles feel sexual desire, curiosity, and a desire to reduce loneliness. Others feel shame, fear of being caught, and addiction. Some feel a mix. Pedophiles rarely report feeling OK about the material being made but are tempted to view it.

Our opinion is that viewing content where a real child is harmed or sexually exploited is morally wrong. A child can’t give informed consent to sexual activity, nor can they give consent to the distribution of this material. We think if you own such content, you should delete it; if you still download or stream it, you should stop.

We also recognize that certain kinds of fictional content (e.g. cartoons) are illegal in many places, so we advise anyone in those places to avoid it.

Humans make mistakes. If doing something wrong means you can never be virtuous again, then that is different to our understanding of what virtuous means.

Virtuous means having good moral qualities, intentions, and behavior. It does not mean being flawless. If virtue required people to be perfect, nobody would be virtuous.

There is a range of ways that pedophiles deal with their attraction and seek sexual outlets. Some of these are more problematic than others. Some have no harmful effects; some can get unhealthy; quite a few are illegal. If you’re worried about doing something wrong, find some more guidance in this section.

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