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Our forum is a peer-support community. We help pedophiles anonymously and honestly discuss their experiences and feelings. We don’t allow image sharing, justification of adult-child sexual contact or encouragement of illegal behavior. Moderators enforce these rules. All posts are written in English.

It is a community where you are listened to. You can get the perspective of people who appreciate what you’re going through. There are polls and discussions on a variety of subjects – not just about pedophilia. There are surveys to help with academic research.

To join as a regular member, you need to be 18 or older and be sexually/romantically attracted to children. You must also be committed to never seeking sexual activity with a child.

Please try to make all these things clear when writing to [email protected]

For your own protection, don’t write to us from your work or school address, or an email linked to your real identity; don’t give identifying information. Do tell us a little about yourself and why you’re approaching us.

We normally reply within 5 days.

If you’re under 18, see our under 18 page instead.

Anyone who can understand and follow our rules, and who can express themself in English, is welcome, regardless of gender, nationality, or anything else.

VirPed is a forum to talk about pedophilia, share life experiences and socialise. It is not a space for sharing fantasy. Images cannot be posted.

Read all of the rules

The skeptical public fears that pedophiles talking to each other online will only encourage illegal behavior. This can happen. But you can stay entirely away from that if you choose the right spaces and the right pedophiles. Talking to other pedophiles can tackle loneliness, provide information and even make life more worth living.

Most pedophiles start out afraid of understanding our own feelings, even if deep down we are very curious about what we are. Talking to other people like us, or talking about our feelings, though terrifying, is also hugely rewarding.

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