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These are the rules that members of this board must follow:

  1. No sexual activity with children! You must first and foremost be committed to never engaging in sexual activity with a minor in the future. If you have done so in the past, you should sincerely believe that it was a serious mistake.

  2. Be nice. The usual rules for good internet behavior apply, but we go farther than most groups in trying to keep a positive tone. You should assume the people who disagree with you mean well. Consider strongly the possibility that you might be misunderstanding them or they are not expressing themselves clearly. When you disagree, calmly give your reasons for your own view. Respect for others is essential if you want to participate in the group.

  3. No talk of making adult-child sex legal. All the discussion in the group takes as its premise that sexual activity between adults and children is wrong. The idea that it is only the legal system and misguided attitudes of society that keep adult-child sex from being a good thing is not welcome here. Detailed discussion of why such activity is wrong is not allowed either, as it reopens the question for members who don’t want to do that. It may be fine to discuss these issues in other forums, but not here.

  4. We cannot allow admissions of past illegal activity that is not already known to law enforcement. This includes admissions of illegal viewing or possession of child pornography. Although past illegal acts may weigh on people’s minds, we cannot afford to be a place law enforcement might go to track down criminal activity.

  5. Links to images of kids must not be erotic and should be rare. No images are allowed within posts at all. A pattern of links to many images, either by an individual poster or within a single forum, will not be permitted. (5b) No erotic descriptions. People’s personal sexual experiences are often erotic, and sharing your personal story can include describing those experiences. But in presenting your story on the forum, you should change the description to be more neutral—how you might describe it to your mother if you had to. This also applies to sexual fantasies.

  6. Avatar pictures may not be of real children or photorealistic AI, and if they are cartoon or painted children it should show only the head and it should be clear they are not photos. They should not be shocking or in poor taste. Child-love symbols are not permitted.

  7. No quoting elsewhere. It is against the rules for a member to quote anyone directly off of the board without permission of the author or a board administrator. But note: all posters must be aware that any hostile party can break this rule and forward anything you post to a wide audience.

  8. No outing. If you discover the identity of anyone here, you agree not to share it without their permission.

  9. No copyrighted material is allowed.

  10. Posts you make are visible to all members of the forum and will always remain in our database for staff and authorized researchers. You can request that we hide any of your posts from everyone else.

  11. Political discussion is limited. Pedophiles are diverse with different sexual tastes, gender status, races and religions. Challenging a member’s self-identification is not permitted, nor is criticism of such identities as a political/social topic. We discuss politics here only as it directly affects us as individuals.

This is not an exhaustive list. We have made rules about the common situations we have thought of, but the admins reserve the right to limit the privileges of any person at any time, and to delete any posts, in line with our best judgment about how to keep the board running as a supportive and safe place.

Our forum is a peer-support community. We help pedophiles anonymously and honestly discuss their experiences and feelings. We don’t allow image sharing, justification of adult-child sexual contact or encouragement of illegal behavior. Moderators enforce these rules. All posts are written in English.

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The skeptical public fears that pedophiles talking to each other online will only encourage illegal behavior. This can happen. But you can stay entirely away from that if you choose the right spaces and the right pedophiles. Talking to other pedophiles can tackle loneliness, provide information and even make life more worth living.

Most pedophiles start out afraid of understanding our own feelings, even if deep down we are very curious about what we are. Talking to other people like us, or talking about our feelings, though terrifying, is also hugely rewarding.

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