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There are different ways that pedophiles deal with their attraction and seek sexual outlets.

Some of these are more problematic than others. Some have no harmful effects; some can get unhealthy; quite a few are illegal.

If you’re worried you might be doing something wrong, find some more guidance in this section.

We believe that pedophiles can live non-offending lives, and that’s what we regard as virtuous. But we know that some people do get into illegal behaviors. If you have acted inappropriately with children, either in person or online, then it’s time to stop. Below is a link to some of the resources we know about that are focused on helping you achieve that.

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reasons to be non-offending

Maybe you have found yourself looking at or collecting images that are illegal in your country. Looking is not the same as making images or directly abusing real children - but you are still placing yourself at significant risk of a ruined life.

We understand that pedophiles need some sort of safe outlet for our desires. There are alternatives to this one.

list of support resources by country
reasons to be non-offending

It’s not always images of real children that are illegal—lots of countries have made laws against cartoon images, fictional images and AI. Whatever you think of those laws, the consequences are still very real, and lives can be ruined when arrests are made.

Whatever you do, be aware that ignorance of the law does not make you safer. You should find out what is allowed where you live so you can avoid what is illegal.

see what we have to say about AI and fictional materials
list of support resources by country

Stories involving children can be a safe outlet for your sexual and romantic desires.

There are places where reading and writing sexual stories involving children is legal.

However, that does not mean it is legal everywhere. In certain places there is a difference between:

  • reading sexual stories about children
  • writing sexual stories about children

There have definitely been some prosecutions in different countries for:

  • written sexual fiction about children shared in a closed chat or forum (including roleplay)
  • publishing sexual stories about children

You need to be sure what is legal in your country or state before continuing or starting with this.

What we say about AI and fictional materials
list of support resources by country

It is difficult for many people, including some pedophiles, to accept that there are morally harmless ways for pedophiles to get sexual satisfaction, and even feel good through a sexual outlet.

Many pedophiles, including us, find legal (but private) ways to do this, for example, by reading stories, viewing legal images and having conversation with other consenting adults.

Many pedophiles do these for much of their lives, and no harm results.

But perhaps you worry about the effect viewing or drawing/writing legal content about children has on you. It isn’t our place to tell you what you should feel or not feel.

Some pedophiles worry they are more likely to commit a contact offense or to seek illegal material as the result of too much time spent with fantasy.

If that is the case for you, then you should stop.

Your fears might be less serious than the risk of an offense. You might just be worried about the ethics of sexualizing children, or it might just leave you with shameful feelings.

In the end it’s about finding what works for you that agrees with your own values.

Getting involved in our community with people who have different opinions on the use of legal outlets might help you decide for yourself whether these activities are healthy for you or not.

What we say about AI and fictional materials
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