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Since 2012, news outlets, magazines, radio, podcasts and creator channels have been taking an interest in the plight of virtuous pedophiles. We have maintained a record of what’s been said out there.

Podcasts and video

Text Articles

Stupid Brain

by James Peak (2023)
A memoir by a doctor, secretly a non-abusing pedophile. (goodreads )

Virtuous Pedophiles

by Gary Gibson (2018)
about the lives, experiences and self-help undertaken by pedophiles who do not abuse (AbeBooks )

A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and their pursuit of dignity

Allyn Walker, 2021
The results of a forty-two person interview study with non-abusing pedophiles, illustrating the range of experiences we have (goodreads )

Past the Dark Field

Sheila van den Heuvel-Collins, 2018
A series of short stories based on research by the author into the different experiences of non-abusing pedophiles, including teenagers (goodreads )

Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us

Jesse Bering, 2014
Including a chapter on pedophilia, an authoritative look at the variety of non-standard sexual desires experienced by humans (goodreads )

Paedophiles in Society

Sarah Goode, 2011
(goodreads )

Understanding and Addressing Adult Sexual Attraction to Children

Sarah Goode, 2009
(goodreads )

Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children

Michael Seto (2008)
(goodreads )

Drama on 4: Safe from Harm (2021)

Radio drama by Rhiannon Boyle about a woman who, provoked by the arrest of a colleague, finds herself exploring the world of the non-offending pedophile.
BBC Sounds

Jag är pedofil / I’m a pedophile (2021)

Short film. Petter is a pedophile but has not told anyone. During a family dinner, he feels compelled to tell why he sometimes behaves so strangely, and a hurricane of emotions hits the family. Questions of acceptance and love are brought to a head. Directed by Johanna Ställberg.

Kopfplatzen (2019)

Markus, a good-looking, likable and respected architect, is a paedophile. Bodies of little boys excite him. He suffers tremendously because of this inclination. He tortures himself for it and is disgusted by himself. Nevertheless, the arousal is there. And there is nothing he can do about it. (imdb )

The Woodsman (2004)

A child molester returns to his hometown after 12 years in prison and attempts to start a new life. (imdb )

Mor, jeg er pædofil / Mom, I’m a Pedophile (2022)

Danmark - ‘Kasper’ is in his early 20s. He looks like his peers; studying, partying and working. But inside he feels empty, because ‘Kasper’ is different. ‘Kasper’ is a pedophile. Although he has never acted on his desires, ‘Kasper’ hates himself. - Because is there anything worse you can be? ‘Mom, I’m a pedophile’ is a personal account of a young person who, since his teenage years, has kept his innermost self to death for fear of being exposed. But living a lie has big consequences. That is why ‘Kasper’ is now telling his story for the first time. (listing at DR ) | Vimeo with English subtitles

Let’s Talk: Child Sexual Abuse (2021)

UK - Channel 4 documentary in three parts in which stand up comedian Johnny Pelham, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, tries to understand pedophilia and the difference between those who do and don’t abuse. (program page at )

Hiljaisuus / Silence (2020)

Finland - As a teenager, Aleksi realized that he was sexually interested in children. A documentary film about a young man who dreams of ordinary things and would like to be seen as a person who is more than his sexuality. O: Saara Hakkarainen. N: Otto Rokka T: Aalto University, ELO Film School (listing at AREENA )

I, Pedophile (2016)

Canada - Pedophiles have long been the most demonized people in society, but new research is showing that understanding them is the first step in lowering instances of child sexual abuse. Meet the men born attracted to the impossible, and the maverick doctors who dare advocate on their behalf. (imdb )

Daniel’s World (2015)

Czechia - Daniel is 25 and writes books. He has never been in a relationship and knows there will never be a partner for him. Daniel is a pedophile and his life is an everyday experiment of living and surviving. Directed by Veronika Lisková (imdb )

Among Us (2014)

Nederland - Intrepid short film that enters into the mind of three pedophiles in the Netherlands: a student called Kasper, a young writer by the name of Hugo and a 44-year old financial consultant called Ben. (imdb )

The Paedophile Next Door (2014)

UK - Channel 4 documentary introducing former member of VirPed “Ed Chambers”, explaining his history of living with pedophilia without abusing. (imdb )

Outing (2012)

Austria - This sensitive long-term documentary portrays the timid archeology student Sven who is one of the first pedophiles to face the camera without a pixelated face and distorted voice to openly talk about his difficult struggle against his forbidden desires. Directed by Sebastian Meise and Thomas Reider (imdb )