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Thanks for reaching out. We are always keen to assist researchers who are looking into the matter of non-abusing pedophilia.

There is so much interest in studying virtuous pedophiles that we have to be selective about who we help. in our forum from academic researchers. We limit requests for active support to either PhD level students, or sometimes to Masters’ students guided by someone with notable work in the field.

This is so that the volunteers and forum members we have can usefully contribute to research that has the highest chance of reaching publication and influencing outcomes for our population. Low response rates because of too many requests is a big concern for us, and we are first and foremost a support space for very vulnerable people.

If you are an undergraduate or High School researcher, or doing personal research outside of an institution:

For all undergraduate researchers we would recommend Allyn Walker’s excellent book A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and their search for dignity. This contains numerous verbatim quotes from non-abusing pedophiles and is a great insight into how life is for us.

You should also check out the Prevention Podcast which, over 3 seasons, spoke to many non-offending pedophiles in depth.

If you want to put questions directly to pedophiles, you can ask the VirPed panel

Thank you for your interest in the topic. It is really encouraging to us to know that students are thinking about this topic and wanting to find out the real perspectives of pedophiles instead of relying on assumptions.

If you are a postgradudate or professional researcher:

Reach out to us on [email protected] . We will also respond to established mental health charities and statutory services, and others involved in helping governments and institutions understand our situation.

When people contact Virtuous Pedophiles, the message they write comes to us. The people we hear from most are other virtuous pedophiles.

Here are some of the initial messages we have received. Reading them will give a flavor of our diversity, the themes that come up over and over again, and a hint at how many of us there are.

read about the life experiences of virtuous pedophiles

A list of the key articles, books, audio and video that have been published about virtuous pedophiles by mainstream writers and producers since we started out publicising our existence.

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