Is It Safe to Talk to Other Pedophiles Online?

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Many people fear that pedophiles talking to each other online will only encourage illegal behavior. This can happen. But you can stay entirely away from that if you choose the right spaces and the right pedophiles. Talking to other pedophiles can tackle loneliness, provide information and even make life more worth living.

Most pedophiles start out afraid of understanding our own feelings, even if deep down we are very curious about what we are. Talking to other people like us, or talking about our feelings, though terrifying, is also hugely rewarding.

If you avoid talking to other pedophiles online and live a closeted life, that means living with unspoken questions. What does pedophilia mean for you? How will it affect your life and your future? How do other people cope with it?

If you seek a therapist for conversation, even if they are non-judgemental, their perspective is usually limited. They can’t tell you much about how things are for other pedophiles; they haven’t met enough to give you a sense of what life is like for people like you.

If you go online to fulfill sexual fantasies through internet searches or anonymous conversation, then sometimes it’s hard to find an honest conversation where pedophilia is talked about in a serious way. Sometimes you find yourself talking to someone who shares your fantasies but avoids asking serious or deep questions. You worry if you get ‘deep’, they will run away.

These are the sorts of reasons that many pedophiles finally reach communities like VirPed: they are safe places where nothing illegal happens. You can meet other pedophiles who are willing to talk about the big topics. You can also learn more about who we are as people.

Communities such as VirPed and MAP Support Club are anonymous, for safety, but the conversations are richer, deeper and more fulfilling than you can get elsewhere. You can also meet others who have a strong moral conviction that sexual contact with children is wrong, and who will support you in your desire to stay non-offending.

In this way, VirPed’s culture is different from communities where pedophiles engage with illegal material.

Our forum is a peer-support community. We help pedophiles anonymously and honestly discuss their experiences and feelings. We don’t allow image sharing, justification of adult-child sexual contact or encouragement of illegal behavior. Moderators enforce these rules. All posts are written in English.

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VirPed is a forum to talk about pedophilia, share life experiences and socialise. It is not a space for sharing fantasy. Images cannot be posted.

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