I Am a Pedophile Who Is Under 18

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You’re brave. Most people in your situation find it hard to reach out for more information. Whether you’re sure or not that you are a pedophile, there are ways you can find support.

The VirPed forum is for adults, but we can offer you some thoughts here on our website and point you to places where there is more information and support.

Some young people can’t really tell if they are pedophiles. It’s normal to be attracted to people around your age, so being attracted to kids that are around your age or a little bit younger doesn’t make you a pedophile.

If you are already a teenager, and feel sexually or romantically attracted to kids who are at least five years younger than you, you might be a pedophile. Many pedophiles notice that the age of people they’re attracted to doesn’t age with them—and can even get younger.

Most of us discover our pedophilia when we are teenagers.

It might be a troubling time for you where you wonder what this is going to mean for the rest of your life. Do you have to change your ambitions? Do you have to live life alone? Can you be happy? Do you have to stay away from children forever?

Living a happy life with pedophilia is possible with the right mindset and support. Being a pedophile does not automatically make you an offender or an abuser. Your actions are your choice.

The Virtuous Pedophiles forum does not accept members who are under 18, but there are other places where you can go and get support.

Where is there support for pedophiles under 18?

Here are four websites aimed at young people who experience sexual thoughts about children:

whatsok.org - from StopItNow, USA
has a US phoneline, an online chat option and an email option to contact someone.

Shorespace - from Lucy Faithfull Foundation, UK
has a live chat, open some of the time where you can talk about having had sexual thoughts or feelings about younger children.

MAP Resources - created by a pedophile

The German Project Dunkelfeld has a therapy program for 12-16 year olds called Just Dreaming Of Them .

MAP Support Club or MSC is a chat-based community where the minimum age is 13. Since 2016 it has offered a safe space online where pedophiles under the age of 18 could connect and get help. They have strict safeguarding measures to ensure your safety.

In addition, some of our older members wrote letters that they would have liked to receive when they were just coming to grips with their pedophilia.

Teen pedophiles are often confused and depressed, if not suicidal. A few of our members who are over 30 thought about what they would tell their younger selves if they could send a letter back in time.

Read the letters