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There are many virtuous pedophiles in the world. You probably know a few in your regular life. Because we mostly don’t tell anyone we are pedophiles, it’s difficult for people to ask us the questions they are curious about.

In the past we have tried to explain our situation via social media, but gradually social prejudice and mass reporting have made it impossible for regular members of the public to find us this way.

Our panel of VirPed forum members have all written on social media sites in the past about their life experiences and answered questions from the curious. If you ask a question here we will pass it on to them and share their answers on this page.

We don’t accept abusive or gotcha questions, and we can’t answer all of the questions we receive.

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Questions we’re currently answering

How has being part of Virped or any other pedophile based support group helped you out, if at all?

from “Anonymous YouTuber”; answers coming on 25 February 2024

What are your opinions on POCD? Did you first think it was POCD if you were in denial about being a pedophile? What made you think it wasn’t POCD? Can someone have POCD and be a pedophile at the same time?

from “Mexican Girl”; answers coming on 03 March 2024

Questions with answers

Do pedophiles have children? What is that like? [If you don’t have children, do you want to have? Why/why not?]

from “Swedish podcaster”; answers published on 18 February 2024

Read 12 answers

Are you out to your families about it? If so, what is their reaction? [If not, why?]

from “Anonymous YouTuber”; answers published on 11 February 2024

Read 12 answers

from “Arto”; answers published on 4 February 2024

Read 10 answers

What should pedophilia be labeled as? Should we call it a sexual preference or mental disorder? Anything in between or something else entirely?

from “Swedish podcaster”; answers published on 28 January 2024

Read 14 answers

Do pedophiles have regular relationships?

from “Swedish podcaster”; answers published on 22 January 2024

Read 16 answers

Many adults with paedophilic orientation report experiencing sexual desire and emotional bonding towards children. Presumably, the sexual desire diminishes or vanishes once the child ages or undergoes puberty. My curiosity lies in the fate of the emotional bond in this context. How long does the emotional bonding endure after that? In non-paedophilic individuals, when lust is gone, one still observes a relatively consistent physical appearance in their love object, which helps in retaining the memories of erotic feelings. I suppose for paedophilic individuals, this experience might be different, as within a brief span, the minor transforms into someone markedly dissimilar and sometimes hardly recognizable, both physically and character-wise. What does that emotional journey look like?

from “Curious girl”; answers published on 15 January 2023

Read 9 answers

When did you decide to talk to someone? Who did you talk to?

from “Two Italian Journalists”; answers published on 8 January 2024

Read 12 answers

What was your initial reaction upon discovering that you were in fact attracted to minors? Did you simply accept it or was there some form of internal wrestling?

from “Anonymous YouTuber”; answers published 1 January 2024

Read 7 answers